The ABCs of Death

It's definitely 26 short flicks at one omnibus flick. Serving 26 hot terrors from 27 sick directors around the world. Blood, flesh, sex, nudity, exploitation, all things you always wish not to see are probably here. Not all flicks are good or enjoyable, but if you're sick enough, this omnibus may give you an orgasm in a solitary midnight. 

This anthology is fully-equipped with your most twisted directors; let's say Jason Eisener (with his Hobo with A Shotgun), Srdjan Spasojevic (with A Serbian Film), Noboru Iguchi (with all his AVs and RoboGeisha), Banjong Pisanthakanun (with Shutter), Simon Rumley (Red White and Blue), Timo Tjahjanto (a half of Rumah Dara a.k.a Macabre's maker), and many other (--mostly I don't know).

But, not every one of them really did well for this anthology. Then I'm not gonna review all flicks, just wanna pick 3 best flicks for me, and it goes to... 

L is for LIBIDO, a short flick by Timo Tjahjanto -one of the Mo Brothers, people who are responsible for making Indonesian shocked by their Rumah Dara or Macabre. Once you watched his previous film, Rumah Dara, you'd get a rough look of what he's gonna put in his upcoming movie --BLOOD and CHAINSAW! Yes, and he hasn't stopped yet. This is more like Srdjan Spasojevic's A Serbian Film or Eli Roth's Hostel, with Timo Tjahjanto's touch of blood. Now, in L is for LIBIDO, you can watch an Indonesian flick that would never ever be in Indonesia, unless it's an amateur video. L is for Libido tells a story of a contest --a masturbation contest, done in pressure. And you can imagine how the contest will be... SICK!

T is for Toilet, a short flick by Lee Hardcastle, the contest winner (not the contest on L is for Libido, but a real contest to be the 26th flick). Watching this flick really brought me back to the era of MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch. You know, like Shaun the Sheep with more blood and flesh, or even greasy things. The plot is simple, a kid had a nightmare just because he had no guts to go to the toilet in the middle in the night, but later, it turns out to be the most ironical, and again... SICK!

 X is for XXL, a short flick from Xavier Gens. I think it is French, and it definitely gives horrible goosebumps, not because the story's scary, but more like, WTF! Probing questions like: why did she do this or that, what had she done, or else. But, that's what I like: exploitation. Well, this is the story: a big fat woman was fucked up, tired of what people said about her being fat, then she found an instant way to get her body beautiful --just like models on TV... only, her way is a way too sick.

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